I have used Ayushakti’s natural approach to treating chronic respiratory allergies and Asthma for the past twenty years with great success. It is remarkably effective, giving long-lasting relief and improving quality of life for my patients.”


Frustrated with constant breathlessness, cough, cold, triggered by slightest exposure to allergens or infection?

Even slight exposure to fumes, perfumes, dust, pollen, dust mites, climate change, or certain foods triggers sneezing, cold, congestion & breathlessness. You need to take daily inhalers, medications & its doses are only increasing.

Do you feel frustrated & helpless due to chronic suffering like

1. Shortness of breath.

2. Chest tightness or pain.

3. Wheezing when exhaling, especially in children.

4. Trouble sleeping caused by shortness of breath, coughing, or wheezing.

5. Coughing or wheezing attacks that are worsened by a respiratory virus, such as a cold or the flu.

6. Your breathing capacity is declining, each time your doctor checks it on a peak flow meter device.

It begins with occasional allergies or infections, and your immune system can’t fight. A huge amount of mucus is produced, creating congestion. You begin to suppress the symptoms by taking quick-acting prescription medication. Slowly, dried mucus gets accumulated in the respiratory channel, narrowing airway passages and resulting in chronic dependency on anti-allergic or inhalers. The doses of this medication only keep on increasing & still, they can’t create that energy, enthusiasm that you need in your life. A considerable number of people finally end up taking oxygen frequently, as inhalers or medications don’t work anymore.

And you are not alone…

15 years of chronic breathlessness relieved in 6 months and stopped inhalers
“I lost 30 pounds in 6 months by doing ayushakti’s program and stopped two types of inhalers which I was using for last 15 years. Today I am completely free from Asthma, more energetic and super active.”


Long-term use of asthma medications can cause side effects including cataracts, shakiness, body pain, chest pain, thinning bones (osteoporosis), muscle weakness, decreased resistance to infection, high blood pressure, and reduced growth in children.

https://www.mayoclinic.org › in-depth › art-20045557

Besides, they can cause a croaky voice, bleeding from the nose, white fungal infection in the lungs, dry cough which doesn’t go away.

Inhalers used by people with Asthma can make their lungs produce harmful chemicals and significantly damage the lungs, increasing the chances of more frequent attacks. As published by a report on https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/arid-20109761.html

Now you know why a real natural solution is essential to get rid of Chronic Asthma and wheezing without having the strong medications and their side effects.


Childhood Asthma and allergies have gone within 14 days of Ayushakti treatments

“When I came to Ayushakti, I thought my asthma symptoms might aggravate due to the humidity and climate in Mumbai, and I have to use the inhaler pump. I was suffering from Asthma and allergies since childhood. I was allergic to pollen, dust, etc. But Ayushakti medications and diet helped me relieve all the symptoms just in 14 days !. Dr. Naram advised me to reduce my body weight, and I lost 7.5 kgs. during the Asthatox treatment. My frequent allergies and breathing difficulties are almost gone. I am delighted with the treatment.”


Relax and not worry. Ayushakti’s expert doctors treat the root cause of your Asthma and allergies, HELP REDUCE OR AVOID INHALER USE and finally restore long-lasting healthy respiratory and lung functions.

Consult Ayushakti doctor today for your Asthma and breathing difficulty.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Asthma

Ayushakti’s proven Asthma Treatment program helped

88% of people get rid of the prescription medications in 90 days and improved their breathing capacity and lung functions for long term

Here is how the “Breath Easy” program can transform your health:

Ayushakti doctors evaluate your cause of cough, cold, allergies , Asthma, wheezing, and other multiple health problems if any, through video or face-to-face consultation & create customized “Breathe Easy ” programs based on 3R formula, using a blend of 6 proprietary tools like diet, lifestyle, home remedies, herbal formulas, detox plans & Marma points.

3R formula of transformation

These Simple Steps

  • 1) Remove:

    Eliminate blockages, inflammation and remove toxins from the gut and intracellular cells through the right type of detox so that proper blood supply reaches the damaged organs and intracellular toxins are cleared.

Morning sneezing, coughing, mucous in the nose for several years has completely gone with Ayushakti treatments

Sunil, UK

“I was suffering from chest congestion, breathing problem, sinus, cough, and cold since the age of 15. My doctor suggested using a nasal spray to relieve the symptoms. Then I consulted the Ayushakti doctor and followed the diet and herbal remedies. Within one year, all the symptoms were completely gone. Even after consuming milk and milk products, there is no mucous formation. Very happy with the treatment at Ayushakt.”

Now my daughter can sleep well
at night without breathing difficulty

Nandini’s father

“My daughter Nandini had a constant cold, cough, and at night due to severe breathlessness, she was unable to sleep well. With Ayushakti’s “breathe easy” program, now she is relieved from the frequent cough and cold and able to sleep well at night without breathing problems.”

2) Restore:

Repair & restore the normal functioning of all the organs and especially the ones that are affected by the illness through the usage of powerful home remedies, diet, lifestyle changes, and marma pressure points.

Now my daughter can sleep well at night without breathing difficulty

Raina Bayat,Germany

“I came to Ayushakti because I was suffering from chronic allergies for 20 years and puffed sinus always. Only in four days of treatment at Ayushakti, I feel good. I can breathe much better now. My skin feels better. The major relief so far I got is I can breathe better.”

3 Years of severe dust allergy and sneezing relieved in 3 months

Shahnaz Manzoori

“I had dust allergy for more than 3 years and tried many treatments without any improvement. I had severe sneezing without any reason sometimes, running nose most of the time, and due to all these, my immune system also became very weak. Then with Ayushakti’s treatment program, within 3 months, I have got 70% relief in all symptoms. My immune system also become stronger.”

3) Renew:

Rebuild & renew in step by step manner using herbal formulas and therapies on damaged or weak tissues, thus creating vibrant youthful health and long-lasting relief from chronic health problems.

Now I can walk, run and climb stairs without any breathing difficulties

Udaykumar, Mumbai

“I was suffering from chronic Asthma for several years. I used to get severe asthma attacks even while walking and climbing stairs. It was truly terrible. I have to live with the inhaler pump most of the time. Sometimes even the pump did not give relief, so much suffered from the shortness of breath. One of my friends referred Ayushakti to me. After taking Ayushakti’s program with diet, herbal medicines, and treatments, I can breathe deeply, and now I am perfectly fit. I can walk, run, and climb stairs without any breathing difficulty. Now I experience freedom from Asthma with Ayushakti treatments.”

Sinus and Throat infections- remarkable 50% relief in few months

Parminder, Mumbai

“When I was shifted from Pune to Mumbai, due to humidity, Sinusitis and throat infections started. Tried different treatments, including anti-allergic medications, which only created drowsiness and acidity problems. Then I started with Ayushakti treatments, and within a few months, I got a remarkable 50% relief in the sinus problems and allergies. Continuing the treatments for 100% improvement.”

Lacs of people globally followed the “Breathe Easy” program to get rid of chronic years old breathing difficulties, successfully reduce or stop chemical dosages, and live a normal life.

We have proven success working on the root cause & creating long-lasting relief —

As per the double-blind study and research published by the International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences (IJRMS), Ayushakti’s “Breathe Easy” program improves lung capacity by 50%, stops the need to take inhalers in 92% of cases. In addition, it reduces attacks of cough, cold, allergy, running nose, and breathlessness by 96%.



Success Rate



Years of Excellence



Clinics Globally

Here is a sample of what you will get when you book a consultation with an Ayushakti doctor.


Video/Face to Face Consultation With Our Ayushakti Expert

Your Customized Diet Plan Plays 50% Role In Improving Your Health

Your Customized Herbal Formulas & Detox Plan Creates Remarkable Transformation For Long Lasting Health


1. Relieves tightness and pain in the chest, whooping cough, and cold.

2. Relieves nasal congestions, sinusitis, throat and ear infections.

3. Reduces allergic bronchitis and wheezing. Promotes easy breath.

4. Improves respiratory and lung functions; thus, attacks are naturally stopped.

5. Improves immunity and reduces the frequency of allergies from dust, mites, pollen, fumes.

6. Able to reduce and eventually stop inhalers and prescription medication dosages.

7. Safe & effective for children aged 5 months and above.

I stopped inhalers, and my breathing capacity improved with Ayushakti’s natural remedies.

Gurshanjit Jandu, India

“I wanted to avoid the side effects of steroids and inhalers which I was taking for my Asthma and COPD. With Ayushakti treatments for 5 years now, my symptoms are very less, my breathing capacity has improved a lot & I don’t need any inhalers. I am happy with Ayushakti’s safe remedies.”

I stopped inhalers, and my breathing capacity improved with Ayushakti’s natural remedies.

Dr.Meera soni,Ayushakti doctor,UK

“One of my clients, Gurmeet, had COPD & bronchiectasis. As per her latest MRI , there is no more lung fibrosis & bronchiectasis anymore.”

20 years of Asthma relieved in 7 months

https://youtu.be/pp9Sf1cZVEM “I was suffering from Asthma for 20 years. I had to take inhalers 2-3 times a day. During winter, I used to get frequent Asthma attacks. Within 10 days of following Ayushakti treatments, I got a remarkable improvement. Within 7 months, I was able to stop inhalers. The frequency of Asthma symptoms reduced greatly.”



Breathe easily without sudden attacks of Asthma.

Stop the dependability on strong medications and the risk of other multiple health problems.

Eating your favorite foods and maintain the energy levels without the fear of allergies.

Improved breathing capacity and stable lung functions long term.

The choice is yours…

10 years of Asthma and relieved in 3 months. Now I can climb steps easily.

Seema Nikam

“I have been suffering from severe allergic Asthma for the past 10 years. It started after my delivery. Even after taking high doses of medications and inhalers, the severity of asthma attacks has not gone down. I get breathless when I walk or climb steps. Even I tried natural treatments without any results. Then I started taking Ayushakti’s Breathe Easy program, and surprisingly, within 3 months, I got good improvement. I stopped the inhaler and taking medicine dosages. My breathing capacity improved. I can walk or climb steps without any breathing difficulty. Now I follow Ayushakti’s diet and herbal treatments for complete relief.”

Childhood cough and cold is gone and reduced 10 kgs in 3 months.

Dinesh Sawant

“I have been suffering from severe allergic Asthma for the past 10 years. It started after my delivery. Even after taking high doses of medications and inhalers, the severity of asthma attacks has not gone down. I get breathless when I walk or climb steps. Even I tried natural treatments without any results. Then I started taking Ayushakti’s Breathe Easy program, and surprisingly, within 3 months, I got good improvement. I stopped the inhaler and taking medicine dosages. My breathing capacity improved. I can walk or climb steps without any breathing difficulty. Now I follow Ayushakti’s diet and herbal treatments for complete relief.”

Start your “Breathe Easy” transformation NOW


Can I take my other medications and Ayushakti herbal medicines and treatments together?

Yes, you can.Keep a 30 minutes gap between them.

Is there a guarantee for Asthma reduction?

We have been helping people for the last 34 years from 108 countries, and our doctors have given more than a 4.5million consultations, helping people with 300 different kinds of symptoms. We work on the root cause of the problem, and 90% of people get effective results in their health conditions.

How long will it take to relieve my symptoms?

As per our records and dozens of research published worldwide, most people find relief in their symptoms within 15 days to 2 months following our program.

Is this treatment plan safe?

Our Treatment plan contains 6 proprietary 100% natural tools which are research-proven, safe, and effective.

Do you have case studies of people who got relieved from chronic symptoms?

Yes, we have thousands of happy clients’ stories who have remarkably relieved their chronic symptoms. There are also several case studies published in the UK and US-based international journals.

How do doctors consult & understand clients over the phone without personal meetings?

Our doctors are given more than 4.5 million consultations. Hence, they are experts in analyzing the root cause behind many health conditions, looking at the face, checking the reports, and analyzing the detailed history of the symptoms. Once they evaluate the root cause from an ancient perspective, they will plan the 3R steps for your complete healing using six proprietary tools.

Can Ayushakti doctors provide consultation for multiple health problems?

People come to natural healing as a last resort. That has made us experts in treating multiple problems by focussing on the root cause. As a result, multiple problems get naturally relieved.

Are herbal medicines costly?

Ayushakti herbal formulas are made of 10 times concentrated potent extracts. That is why they are effective and produce results. We also test them on highly sophisticated machines to ensure every batch had the same efficacy. We also test them for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial counts to ensure your safety. Every batch is controlled for quality by the European laboratory that makes them expensive but effective and safe. Besides, our programs have helped people stop needing allopathic medications for their whole life and prevent surgeries. Against those expenses, if you compare, the savings are enormous.

Why should we buy medicines apart from home remedies given by doctors?

Ayushakti’s natural program includes 6 proprietary tools to create transformation at the root cause of your illness. These 6 tools work in synergy to create assured, long-lasting relief in your chronic symptoms based on our research on more than 1.5 million clients. The choice is yours. We never force anything.

Why should we buy medicines apart from home remedies given by doctors?

Why is Ayushakti charging less for Phone/Video consultation?

In this pandemic, people cannot come to the clinic. So we want to help them as our commitment is to create real vibrant health in your life.

How can we trust the Payment Link? Why can't it be Fake?

Payment gateway which we uses have the highest assurance SSL/TLS certificate, which makes sure that no unauthorised person can access your sensitive payment data over the internet.

I am very old & don't have technology assistance. I cannot make payment. How can I go for a Phone/video consultation?

Not to worry. Our customer care assistant will help you over the phone to use the technology and make the payment easily using your bank account details or anything handy for you. Call toll free number or chat with to take personal help.

For a personal consultation, shall I carry any prior medical reports with me?

Bring or send us past medical reports/X-rays, if any. It will help Ayushakti doctors to analyze the diagnosis and plan a customized 3R treatment plan for your benefit.

Diet or home remedies can help relieve allergies?

Ayushakti’s expert doctor, after consultation, advises you with a customized “Breath Easy” program that includes a specific diet plan for your weight loss along with some home remedies, herbal supplements, and detox therapies.

Book an appointment with an Ayushakti doctor.

What are the Ayushakti herbal supplements for Asthma and Allergies?

Ayushakti has effective herbal supplements to effectively relieve Asthma and allergies. Asthaloc tablets for relieving inflammation and blockages from the respiratory channel and promote breathing capacity. D-Vyro tablets for boost immunity. Divyaswas Jivan tablets for reducing lung infections and promotes lung functions to normal. Combining herbs, a specific diet, and proven anticlog therapies works in synergy to provide long-lasting multiple benefits.

Years old Asthma and multiple problems relieved with Ayushakti’s Natural treatment

Mr. Singh, India

“My father had Asthma for many years. Every week 2-3 times, he has to take a nebulizer to get some relief. He had severe weakness and get breathless while walking. Then we have started Ayushakti treatments with diet and herbal remedies. Within 3 months, we could stop his prescription medications, and he is just following Ayushakti’s customized diet and herbal medicines plan. No weakness, and his breathing capacity improved. Now his Hemoglobin level improved to 10 and got great benefit in relieving his prostate and kidney problems too. We are happy with this treatment.”

7 years of chronic Asthma reversed in 2 months

Madhuri Haldikar

“I was suffering from Chronic Asthma for 17 long years. I always had difficulty breathing and frequent coughing. I could not even walk or climb steps due to breathing difficulty and chest congestion. Then with Ayushakti’s natural treatments, within two months, I have got remarkable relief. Now I can walk and climb steps easily without chest congestion. Frequent coughing is almost gone.”

Childhood breathlessness got reversed


“I had recurring breathlessness, cough, and cold problem since childhood. In spite of taking inhalers and nebulizers, I still had them. After taking Ayushakti’s natural treatments, there is a significant improvement, and now I am free from inhalers and nebulizers.”


Namaskar, Last Thirteen days onwards I am taking treatment for Breath easy. Dr.Deepak Mahajan Now I am feeling very much better. Staffs r cooperative and friendly nature very good service.

Raja Lakshmi

I have been visiting ayushakti since the last 5 years and have been very happy with the service offered by the doctors and the staff.

Ashok Dalvi

I have been coming from past 2 months for my mother’s treatment and the results are just amazing any one can easily make out the difference health-wise of my mom if compared when we started the treatment Thanks to Ayushakti Drs.

Karthik Poojari

Amazing experience. Doctors are greatly experienced. Staff is so friendly, understanding and treat you like a family. Center is very clean and the medicines work wonders. I started getting results within just couple of days. One should surely visit the center for all types of panchakarma treatments.

Kimaya Ambekar


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